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I'm Starting a Business

Being your own boss, not having to work for someone else, keeping the rewards of your own efforts, striking out and starting your own business is an exciting time. Your chance to determine your own working hours, decide on your work life balance, win freedom from office politics and the whims of your bosses. You can be living the dream...

But what about the downside? What happens when you have to work longer hours? What about making sure you have enough money to pay the bills? and what about all the bookkeeping, tax and scary statutory stuff? Employees, auto-enrolment pensions? Where do I start? It all looks too complicated...






That's where we Ash Associates come in - we have been doing this boring stressful but necessary stuff for over 35 years. We're obsessive about the dull, passionate about the stressful and creative about the accounting.

For over 35 years we have been protecting individuals from stress, and diligently filling forms and completing returns, while our clients get on with growing their businesses and building the dream.

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